Video production and the art of storytelling


I’m a Business Storytelling expert.

As a former BBC journalist, I have directed and produced many news stories for television, radio and online.

I have told hundreds of stories. Also, I have written and produced segments for light entertainment. Since moving to the private sector, I have helped many companies large and small.

“Yarn” is an Irish term for a great story.

I tell yarns or video stories, and I can help you tell yours.

Stunning visuals with entertaining stories.

I am that rare combination of a “creative and engineer”, I am a graduate engineer, fully trained lighting camera operator and video editor. But in addition a BBC journalist, director and producer with years of experience in television.

I can help you from the initial idea to directing, shooting and editing your corporate video. 


My current broadcast clients include:


Broadcast – BBC, HBO
Corporate – SAP, McAfee, Intel, and Garrett.

Newsgathering – BBC, Russia Today, BON Blue Ocean Network (China).


Melly Media – We make you look good

Client examples

Engie – Service Now French edit

Quest Vroom Virtual Reality trade show edit

Engie – Service Now English edit

Fredenburg IT – Service Now

SAP at Mobile World Congress


Vino Miglia

Engie – 30 sec teaser social media version 2

Engie 30 sec teaser version 1

Trade Show CES Les Vegas

Intel bot dance

Intel at CES Las vegas

One of the female Intel bots dancing, those bots can get down


# Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn 

# Hashtag – trade shows

#CES  #CeBIT  #IAA  #BAU  #MWC  #Londonbuild  #IAS

Tradeshow displays are expensive, but not everyone can attend. Fast turnaround video production ensures your message is trending on social media during the show, not after. Capture the audience who could not attend but are trawling social media. #nowtradeshow


 Internal and external video communication

 Use the power of video to inform, from sales and demonstration videos to image building for both brands and individuals, a beautifully crafted video at an affordable price. From a Halloween film at night in Ireland to a Multinationals corporate video. 

Filming during Halloween at the museum

Halloween at the Ulster Museum Ireland

Spooky things happening – Halloween in Ireland

Social media snippits

Indian sucess

What is your story

The rise of India as an economic superpower


Video is the new pen and paper

Beautifully shot 30-sec video snippets to promote your business or message. Content is important, but so are the visuals, get your message across in a brief but memorable video

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Contact – please email or telephone


Email:  contact@mellymedia.com

Telephone:  0049 1525 5907105

  • Video production - from initial idea to final delivery.
  • Scripting - Direction - Shoot - Edit - Deliver

Having worked for the BBC I am also now delighted to announce that HBO has sought to licence some of my footage.