Ex BBC broadcast engineer, TV journalist and producer.

Video production and the art of storytelling

I’m a Business Storytelling expert.

As a former BBC journalist, I have directed and produced many news stories for television, radio and online.

I have also written and produced segments for TV Light Entertainment. 

Since moving to the private sector, I have brought these skills with me, helping many large and small companies communicate.


   “A Yarn”

“Yarn” is an Irish term for a great story. I’m from Ireland and I tell Yarns or video stories, and I can help you tell yours.


  Stunning visuals with entertaining stories.


 That rare combination of a “creative and engineer”.

 I am a graduate engineer with many years in national level project management for the BBC, including hardware design and software coding. 

I moved from heavy engineering to programme production. I am also, a fully trained lighting camera operator and video editor. 

BBC journalist, director and producer with years of experience working in broadcast Radio & TV.

My speciality is understanding your product’s complicated technical nature and translating this into plain English, a simple entertaining video suitable for the general public.


Melly Media – “We make you look good”

Peter Melly

Creative director


Because great communication can make great things happen”

Melly Media


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