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Its where the magic happens.

Editing is perhaps the most powerful of all tools

Video editing that sells

In magic, as all the video will tell us, trick us and convince us. Like a story, has three parts; 

Setup – Problem – Solution.

Learning the structure of a trick and the storytelling principles it requires are useful ways of thinking about how storytelling works within film editing.

Regardless if its corporate videos or sales video the same techniques as used as that in major motion pictures.

Principally these techniques require manipulation, deception and empathetic engagement with the audience. Without all of these things it will be difficult for the audience to be drawn in and willingly deceived, albeit momentarily. And in breaking apart the moving parts behind a magic trick, or an edit, or a film’s overall narrative structure, we can learn more about the process of successful film editing.

“the best message is the one the audience tell themselves.”

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