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1 - How long should Videos be?

Video duration

Year after year, our attention spans get shorter and shorter. Take TikTok for example. The 15-second video platform has been on the global top 4 apps on Google and IOS for the last year and notches 800 million active monthly users. So, thanks to our collective attention deficit, content creators have a limited window to engage viewers with video. Different platforms support various lengths of content, but regardless of where you’re sharing your video, the length of that video affects viewer engagement. We’re going to chat about optimal lengths for online video content and how to use that time in the most effective way for your market.

If you’re just considering the optimal length of time people will spend watching videos on a specific platform based on statistics alone, we’ve got the numbers for you. According to HubSpot, there are optimal video lengths for each platform. Here’s the breakdown for the best video length:


Youtube video length:

Youtube is still king of the social media video and it can be tough to gauge the right duration. Typical durations vary from 30 sec to over 10 min. People are tending head to YouTube for longer content and it is slowly challenging established broadcasters for audience share as viewers search for longer content. But still videos under 5 min attract the most engagement.

Instagram video length:

IG allows up to a minute for videos on the feed, but trends tend to show us that 30 seconds is the sweet spot. Instagram users are generally multitasking and on the move, so they aren’t interested or able to tune in for the full minute. 

Instagram does offer a solution for longer videos via IGTV (up to 10 minutes). IGTV videos, once clicked, use a video player with pause and scrubbing options. So if you have a great piece of content that might be an outlier to the 30-second rule, check out IGTV.

Facebook video length:

Facebook allows up to 4 hours. Research shows most users watch a few seconds before scrolling away and in addition they usually watch with the audio muted.

Its best to use catchy text descriptions to encourage the viewer to stay and the not link a short FB video to a longer video on YouTube.  

Twitter video length:

Its 45 secs that’s it. Again use a short video to tease or fish for interest and direct your viewers to your Youtube or Vimeo channel.

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Think of every bond film you have seen, what’s the formula? Every single film starts with a fast paced action scene to hook the viewer in, the fast car chases, the speedboat or helicopter scene. We are similar to goldfish, after 3-4 seconds we loose interest. There is also the delayed drop but this usually requires a loyal following who know the good stuff is coming otherwise they will click away.







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