Live Video Streaming

What is - Live video stream Hosting

Live video stream Hosting - we host your next online meeting, its similar to Zoom but better.
No software to install
Professional branding, on screen graphics

  • Participants do not need to download or install any software
  • Just by clicking on a link participants can enter the meeting
  • You plus up to 9 guests. 
  • On screen branding of your business.
  • We control your meeting using a video switcher.
  • We can stream your meeting too many platforms live, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn etc.
  • We can stream your zoom meetings to multi platforms. 
  • Automatic name tags on screen for each participant. 
  • Secure server
  • Video clip inserts
  • Live sessions recorded

Webinar production – we will host your production, direct the production as in selecting the correct camera view during the presentation Q&A sessions (just like a TV studio).

The we edit the recorded project and present you will a carefully edited video of your presentation.

Branding and onscreen graphics included to make you look good.

Live video stream hosting & Webinar Produktion
Going live on air