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Ein fehlerhafter Regierungsvertrag und schlechter Journalismus

1995 bestellte die britische Regierung 8 Boeing Chinook-Hubschrauber….

Newspapers & TV

 The story carried by the British mainstream media was that the UK had ordered helicopters, but they could not be flown as Boeing refused to supply the codes.




 What are these codes, do these choppers have a keypad and do you need to enter a PIN to start the machine.

 No, what really happened was that the UK government signed a contract without reading the small print. It’s not a code, but access to helicopters software or code. However, the media heard the word code and mistook it for meaning some sort of secret PIN code.


 Boeing was not keen to provide access as its software is commercially sensitive. Or more simply, Boeing’s competitors would love to get their hands on the software and documentation.



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